CETI Group publishes an online peer-reviewed technical publication directed at Canadian energy industry participants. The publication has a commitment to encourage the continued growth in energy innovation in Canada and to document existing and new technologies in the industry.

We require volunteers to be members of CETI's technical review committee. If you have expertise in any of the following disciplines and are interested in supporting this non-profit technical journal, please contact Diane Olson. Further information can be found in the Reviewer Guidelines.

CETI covers a wide spectrum of topics that relate to energy and include, but are not confined to the following categories:

• Biofuels in Energy Production
• Bitumen Upgrading
• Carbon Capture & Storage
• Clean Petroleum Energy Technology
• Cold Heavy Oil Production
• Completions & Evaluations Strategies
• Computer Applications & Modelling in Petroleum Energy Exploration & Recovery
• Conventional Heavy Oil Technology
• Energy Regulations, Management & Economics
• Enhanced Oil Recovery
• Environmental Solutions for Energy Development & Applications
• Formation Evaluation
• Non-Conventional Recovery of Hydrocarbons
• Optimization Techniques in Petroleum
• Petroleum Energy Policies & Regulation
• Petroleum Energy Reliability & Security
• Petroleum Energy Research
• Petroleum Energy Transportation Issues
• Reservoir Fluid Characterization
• Sustainable Management of Petroleum Production
• Thermal Recovery Methods
• Water Management in Relation to Petroleum Recovery & Production

Download Reviewer Guidelines