Screening SAGD Realizations Based on Multiple Performance Characteristics


Screening SAGD Realizations Based on Multiple Performance Characteristics

CETI 14-035

Authors: M. Majdi Yazdi, J.L. Jensen, University of Calgary

Volume 2, Number 2

Reservoir heterogeneities may substantially impair SAGD economics and feasibility, whose impacts can be predicted using numerical flow simulation. Consequently, modelling of reservoir geological features and petrophysical properties constitutes an essential input to reservoir simulation. 

Stochastic modelling of reservoir attributes can produce a large number of possible heterogeneity models (realizations). The computational burden of SAGD simulation allows detailed simulation of only a few realizations. Thus, prior to flow simulation, application of a proper ranking process to all realizations enables us to identify a few candidates for detailed flow simulation. Unfortunately, while ranking processes may work well for one performance characteristic, such as oil production or steam-to-oil ratio, they seldom work for several characteristics together. 

In this paper, a ranking method is presented which performs well not only for both cumulative oil production and steam injection, but also the correlation is stable with performance over time. Using both hypothetical and field cases, it is shown that the method is typically correlated to both characteristics with R2 = 0.8 or better. The method differs from percolation-based methods because it does not require net pay cutoffs or assume only sand/shale rock types. The method is also fast, taking about 1/8th or less of the time needed by a commercial connectivity-based ranking method.

This new method allows ranking SAGD realizations based on two important economic factors: oil production and heat injection. It is also shown that the method is able to discern realizations based on the fluid heterogeneity. 

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